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Antimony pH Sensor PH8011

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SKU : PH8011

pH/ORP Sensor

Merek : Boqu


Industrial ph sensor are widely used in many industries,such as food, chemical, and sewage treatment are an important parameter. the pH value is related to major issues such as product quality and sewage discharge standards. However, user often use pH testing paper and glass pH electrodes. The use of pH test paper is not only cumbersome, but also has a large error. In particular, its pH value can only be measured intermittently, and it is impossible to grasp the change of pH value at every moment in the production process, so that it is difficult to meet the process requirements and the pH standard for sewage discharge. If the glass electrode is used to measure the pH value, since the glass pH electrode will be scaled in the measurment, then the response speed will be down, and the glass electrode is fragile and difficult to clean, so the pH signal cannot be measured or cannot be measured at all. The antimony pH electrode is superior to pH test strips and glass pH electrodes in these respects.special for hydrofluoric acid liquid,because glass will be easy corrosived by hydrofluoric acid.
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