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Pure Water pH Electrode PH8020

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SKU : PH8020

pH/ORP Sensor

Merek : Boqu


Basic Principle of Pure Water pH Electrode
1.The polymer filling makes the reference junction potential very stable.
2.The diffusion potential is very stable; large-area diaphragm surrounds the glass diaphragm bubbles, so that the distance from the reference diaphragm to the glass diaphragm is near and constant; the ions diffused from diaphragm and the glass electrode quickly form a complete measurement circuit to respond quickly, so that the diffusion potential is not easy to be affected by the outside flow rate and is thus very stable.
3.As the diaphragm adopts the polymer filling and there is small and stable amount of overflowing electrolyte, it shall not pollute the measured pure water. Therefore, the above-mentioned features of the composite electrode make it ideal for measuring PH value of high-purity water.
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