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Industrial Conductivity Electrode DDG-10.0(30.0)

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SKU : DDG-10.0(30.0)

Conductivity Sensor

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DDG-10.0(30.0) The industrial conductivity electrodes are specially used for the measurement of conductivity value of water treatment,acid or alkali concentration etc. It is especially suitable for conductivity measurement in the thermal power plant and the water treatment industry. It is featured by the double-cylinder structure and the titanium alloy material, which can be naturally oxidized to form the chemical passivation. Its anti-infiltration conductive surface is resistant to all kinds of liquid except fluoride acid. The temperature compensation components are: NTC2.252K, 2K, 10K, 20K, 30K, ptl00, ptl000, etc. which are specified by the user. K=10.0 or K=30 electrode adopts a large area of platinum structure, which is resistant to strong acid and alkaline and has strong anti-pollution capacity; it is mainly used for on-line measurement of the conductivity value in the special industries, such as the sewage treatment industry and the seawater purification industry.
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