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Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor DCSG-2099

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SKU : DCSG-2099M

Water Quality Multi-parameters

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Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor DCSG-2099 Online Multi-parameters water quality Analyzer integration platform, it can directly integrate a variety of water quality online analysis parameters in a whole machine, in the touch screen panel display focused on and management; the system set on-line water quality analysis, remote data transmission, database and analysis Software, system calibration functions in one, the modernization of water quality data collection and analysis provides a great convenience. Flexible configuration of the combination, the cabinet inside the sample and analysis of the part can be flexible matching (Note: the specific parameters to the actual ordering parameters prevail): pH, conductivity, temperature, and other conventional parameters, the actual needs of customers should be combined or extended ; Water part of the use of the company's latest application research results - tandem flow analysis device, the water required little, real-time strong, a small water flow through a variety of sensors in accordance with the different technical characteristics and response order , Water samples through the flow of all parameters when the real-time capture, but also to achieve the external large-scale continuous expansion of the unit.
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