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YLG-2058X Residual Chlorine Meter

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SKU : YLG-2058X

Residual Chlorine Meter

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YLG-2058X Residual Chlorine Meter The new residual chlorine online analyzer can directly integrate residual chlorine , pH and temperature in one .the all value and operations is on touch screen.the system integrates online analysis of water quality, remote data transmission,data logger and calibration functions,it provides great convenience for data collection and analysis of residual chlorine ,pH and temperature in water quality. The waterway adopts the latest research results: constant flow analysis device, which requires less water samples and strong real-time performance..The response sequence is sorted according to different technical characteristics When a small water sample flows through the pH and residual chlorine sensors. All data will be captured at real time when the water passes through the flow device. It can also be connected to the central control room or upper computer through numerical communication.
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