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Online COD Analyzer CODG-3000

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SKU : CODG-3000

Online COD BOD Analyzer

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CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer use principle of the potassium dichromate method for measuring COD: the water sample, potassium dichromate, silver sulfate solution (the catalyst oxidizes the linear aromatic hydrocarbon compound more fully) and concentrated sulfuric acid are heated to 175 ° C in the digestion tank. During this period, the chromium ion is reduced as the oxidant from the VI valence to the III valence and the color is changed. The degree of color change corresponds to the content of the organic compound in the sample, and the instrument directly displays the COD of the sample by colorimetric conversion. The main interference of CODG-3000 potassium dichromate type Online COD Analyzer for wastewater cod detection is chloride, which can be removed by adding mercury sulfate to form a complex.
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