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SKU : 3024L-0700

he 3024L is the ultimate static eliminator for machinery manufacturers: compact, with built-in fully-encapsulated electronics, 24 V DC supply and very powerful performance.

Merek : Fraser



ConstructionFR-ABS industrial grade extrusion, epoxy resin, tungsten emitters
Dimensions22 x 41.5 mm (W x H). Lengths: 700 mm
Weight1.1 kg/m
Output VoltageUp to 11 kV supply integrated into bar
Remote Monitor / Local Status IndicationSignals available: ‘Bar OK’ and ‘Fault’. Uses 24 V supply to send signal  from the bar to the PLC or other destination. Bi-colour LED on endcap for local status indication
Electrical Input24 V DC (21-28 V), maximum current required 0.5 A. M8 x 4-pin connector.
The M8 x 4-core cable must be ordered separately
Environmental0 – 55 °C, 70 % rH non-condensing max. IP66. Fully sealed
CertificationCE, CB and UL. Cleanroom classification to ISO Class 4
Options100 – 250 V AC-DC 24 V Power Supply (Part No: E3024-PSU)

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